Introductory Scottish pre-grouping steam Carlisle GWR Southern LMS - LMS-built LMS - pre-grouping classes LNER - LNER-built LNER - pre-grouping tender locos LNER - pre-grouping tanks BR standards et al. 60026 "Miles Beevor" was "common" on our little stretch of the main line, north of York. Mr Beevor was acting GM for the LNER in 1947 - and lived until 1994, nearly 30 years beyond the demise of the A4 named after him. Doncaster. A fine portrait of A3 60110 "Robert the Devil", apparently ex-works on Doncaster Shed, and obviously taken before the "German" smoke deflectors were fitted. A1 60130 "Kestrel" on an up train at Doncaster. Young "spotters" crowd the platform. Thompson (obvious from the ungainly positioning of the cylinders) A2 no. 60522 "Straight Deal" in the snow at Hawick I love this picture - a very young admirer gazes upon V2 60913 at Carlisle 61873 at Doncaster. The K3s were a development, in 1924, of Gresley's Great Northern K2. Two for the price of one - Peppercorn's K1 2-6-0s 62043 and 62048 are on shed. Darlington? D49 62719 "Peebles-shire" on a north-bound train at Hawick LNER part 1 - LNER-built classes O2 63927 was built for the GNR in 1921, but has clearly been rebuilt with "reduced boiler mountings" and a side-window, non-GN cab.  Most of the O2s were built after the grouping Gresley's 0-6-0s of classes J38 and J39 were virtually identical - except for wheel diameter and boiler length (the J38's wheel were 6" smaller, and its boiler 6" longer). The J39s were designated "4P5F" - and here's 64895 earning the "P" at Carlisle. The 6F J38s - including 65914, seen at Thornton - were based entirely in Scotland. Both classes were outlived by pre-grouping 0-6-0s. The difference between V1 and V3 2-6-2Ts was boiler pressure (180/200 psi) - here's V3 67651 at Newcastle B1 61242 "Alexander Reith Gray" is clearly on shed - and looks to be in good condition, but presumably undergoing maintenance as the connecting rod has been removed 61670 "City of London" - one of the two B17s that were streamlined in 1937. The streamlining was removed in 1951. Lowestoft Thompson's L1s were designed for suburban passenger work, with driving wheels of just 5'2". Mostly built 1948-50, they shook themselves apart, and all 100 had all gone by 1962. Stratford. The LNER bought 75 "Austerity" 0-6-0STs after the war, and classified them "J94". Here's 68059 at Gateshead, in the company of a class 40 diesel and - oh look, it's 60026 again... LNER - LNER-built