Introductory Scottish pre-grouping steam Carlisle GWR Southern LMS - LMS-built LMS - pre-grouping classes LNER - LNER-built LNER - pre-grouping tender locos LNER - pre-grouping tanks BR standards et al. 0-6-2Ts 69182 and 69146 belonged to LNER class N15 - a Reid NBR design. 69182 has the cables for lifting the front coupling visible on the smokebox - a Cowlairs banker? Eastfield (65A) ...and here's class-mate 69143, on shed and in steam, at Thornton (62A) 68349 is an earlier Reid design, an outside-cylindered 0-6-0T - also in steam and still earning its keep at Eastfield ...and 68335 of the same class at Thornton Ballachulish - McIntosh 0-4-4T 55173, ex-Caledonian Railway, a design dating from the turn of the last century. 9 September 1960 4-4-0 62428 "The Talisman" is another Reid NBR loco, LNER class D30, on shed at Hawick. 3 January 1959 (probably!) ...and class-mate 62442 "Simon Glover", at Thornton 0-6-0 57650 - a hefty-looking 0-6-0 designed by Pickersgill in 1918 for service on the Caledonian Railway. Hurlford (67B)? ...but class-mate 67500 may have worked its last train. Parkhead shed. Here's an NBR J36 - class-mate of preserved "Maude". A Holmes design from 1888, 65344 appears to be in good working order. Bathgate (64F)? 67492 - one of the rather attractive 4-4-2Ts build by Reid for the North British, LNER class C16, is on the SLS Lothian Lines railtour at North Leith, 6/9/1958 None of the above locos are still with us (what a lot we lost in the 50s and 60s). However, already in preservation were these two - the Caley single no. 123 (only 2 years older than the J36 above) at Kingmoor shed (30 August 1958) and "Gordon Highlander", the ex-GNoSR 4-4-0 at Dawsholm (65D). They saw railtour service in the early 60s - wouldn't it be great to see them out again? Scottish pre-grouping steam Scottish pre-grouping steam