Introductory Scottish pre-grouping steam Carlisle GWR Southern LMS - LMS-built LMS - pre-grouping classes LNER - LNER-built LNER - pre-grouping tender locos LNER - pre-grouping tanks BR standards et al. 40015 - one of Fowler's 2-6-2T locos (they weren't quite as good as his 2-6- 4Ts, I believe). In store at Bolton shed. 41224 is one of Ivatt's effective little 2-6-2Ts, built in the latter days of the LMS. Watford shed. Look closely - no, not a Jinty. 41900 is one of the 0-4-4Ts built in the early days of Stanier, based on the Midland design. Wellington, Shropshire, 13 August 1960 The LMS had a lot of 2-6-4Ts. 42210 is one of Fairburn's 2-cylinder examples. Kingmoor, 15 May 1964 There was a flavour of the latter days of the L&Y in the Hughes/Fowler "Crabs". 42925 is on Stoke shed; sister 42924 stands behind. 1 October 1961 The first of the "Baby Scots" - 45500 "Patriot" give its name to the class. Willesden shed. One that got away... I guess that, if there was a competition to choose a favourite (departed) Jubilee, it would be 45562 "Alberta", seen at Carlisle ...and one that is still with us - 46115 has been back in action recently after a long break (St Enoch station, however, closed more than 40 years ago) LMS part 1 - LMS-built A "Lizzie" - 46208 "Princess Helena Victoria" at Carlisle. A sign of the times stands in the bay platform 46236 "City of Bradford" - a broadside view at Kingmoor shed  makes plain the size of the "Coronation" pacifics One of Ivatt's class 2 2-6-0s - a "Mickey Mouse", no less. 46504 is on Oswestry shed, despite bearing a Laira (83D) shedplate. 2 April 1963 The LMS "Jintys" were of course closely based on the Midland design. 47614 pedals along purposefully near Upperby shed, 7 March 1963 Ivatt's class 4 2-6-0, fondly remembered as the "Flying Pigs" - 43103 arrives at Carlisle with 12.40 from Langholm, 24 August 1963 Black 5 45135 is admired by a couple of young spotters at Carlisle Stanier's 8F: 48676 bears a number plate with decidedly pre-nationalisation numerals (and, curiously, a 9F shedplate...) (No, I know, it's perfectly sensible. It just amused me) 170 of these 7F 0-8-0s were built by Fowler from 1929; with a tendency to run hot, they were plainly eclipsed by Stanier's 8Fs. Only 19 remained in service 30 years on, including 49637 at Wigan (27D) LMS - LMS-built