Geoff’s mouldy oldies
Firstly, two pictures taken at Marsden - a west-bound train approaches the tunnel mouth, and an east- bound working near Marsden station Two more members of the class - again, west-bound and east-bound - at Huddersfield
45 130 arrives at York - watched by enthusiasts gathered to see 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" depart on a special a few minutes later
Two generations of multiple unit - HST and class 110 "Calder Valley" set
45 140 rumbles into the station from the depot, and a little while later heads away with a Scarborough train
45 119 is seen across the platforms; 150 218 leaves for Holyhead
45 119 makes ready to head for Manchester; scruffy 08 583 trundles through with a pair of "Sharks"
45 150 comes to a stand under the overall roof
mostly industrial main line steam and diesel standard gauge, mostly main line narrow gauge, mostly industrial 1054 on the SVR; northern Cheshire standard gauge steam and diesel assortment - with 13809 long lens steam specials Peaks and chocolate Remember Barry?
Peaks and chocolate
Photos from a couple of days out - the first to the Pennines, in the area of Marsden and Huddersfield, 27 December 1986, the second a trip to York, 11 April 1987. Both were dull and overcast, with a little rain - hence the monochrome...
45 119 stands  while an HST arrives
The IRS "Rowntree Requiem" - perhaps the shortest railtour ever! A trip to the works, a few yards up the Foss Islands branch. After many years, Rowntrees were dispensing with rail transport and their internal rail system The two beautifully turned-out locomotives are No. 2 Ruston 432479 of 1959 and No. 4 Thomas Hill "Vanguard" 285V of 1979. No. 2 lives on, in working order, at Wirksworth, on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. The last photos illustrate our train at Rowntree Halt, ready to depart for the short trip back to York station
Monorail Peaks and chocolate