Geoff’s mouldy oldies
20th September 1986 - Enthusiasts weekend on the Severn Valley. Star attraction at this event was the Webb "Coal Tank" no 1054, see here leaving Foley Park tunnel
6960 "Raveningham Hall" approaches the tunnel with a train from Bewdley
7819 "Hinton Manor", in BR lined black, heads north near Severn Lodge. A little while later, 1054 is seen at the same location, heading towards Highley
Jinty 47383 crosses the Victoria Bridge with a freight, followed a little while later by 1054 on the "local"
Ivatt 2-6-0s 46443 and 43106, and no. 1054 leave Bridgnorth later that autumn.
Some pictures taken on a trip to the area around Stanlow, noted for its oil refineries, starting with the Manchester Ship Canal Railway at Ellesmere Port, where Sentinel no. 3001 (10144 of 1963) is seen in action on some oil tanks. (all 31st October 1986)
The Shell refinery at Stanlow was home to several locomotives at the time - mostly Thomas Hill "Vanguards", such as no. 5 (220V of 1970)
mostly industrial main line steam and diesel standard gauge, mostly main line narrow gauge, mostly industrial 1054 on the SVR; northern Cheshire standard gauge steam and diesel assortment - with 13809 long lens steam specials Peaks and chocolate Remember Barry?
1054 on the SVR; northern Cheshire
A little further east is Helsby Junction, where the line from Ellesmere Port joins the main Chester - Warrington line. The "Peaks" were still much in evidence at that time, but so were the 47s, such as this one on the Weaver Viaduct near Frodsham
Monorail 1054 on the SVR; northern Cheshire