Geoff’s mouldy oldies
A cold 2 May 1981 saw S&D 2-8-0 13809 out on the Manchester - Sheffield line. It snowed gently as the 7F plodded up through Gowhole.... Later, we saw the train again on the curve into Rotherham Masboro', before heading out to Rotherwood sidings, to see if any of the Woodhead electrics were lurking. They were - neatly sandwiched between rows of 31s Our last photo stop was by the lineside near Tinsley viaduct (the M1, that is) - opposite the sewage works at Blackburn Meadows. Fortunately, the wind was in the right direction....
23 May 1981 - 46229 heads towards York near Barton Hill, with one of the "Scarborough Spa Expresses" which ran fairly regularly at that time
24 May 1981 - a rake of cl114 DMUs pauses under the fine overall roof at Beverley, with a southbound train
4472 "Flying Scotsman" hurries along the York - Scarborough line near Flaxton, 25 May 1981
28 July 1981 - the unique Beyer Garratt No 1 poses in works grey at the National Railway Museum, York
Ending as we started - another outing for the S&D 2-8-0, on 24 October 1981. I started near York depot - but there was little doing. A "Peak" - 45 115 - accelerates away from the station with a northbound train, but other wise, there is little of interest in the sidings (I think there's a class 40 lurking, extreme right) I moved on to Burton Salmon, where the 47 rumbled through with steel flats, followed after a little while by 13809. 13809 did two trips around the York circle on this misty, murky day - the last shot is taken from the A1 embankment, as the special tops Micklefield bank and joins the Leeds - Selby line. Normally, I would have taken slides too - but it was too dull. However, for one or two night shots, taken when the special returned to York, see "Geoffs Rail Pages - nocturnal activities"
13 September 1981 - "Last Day" at CEGB Agecroft power station. The brightly painted  0-4-STs were in steam on this public event - here is AG-3, RSHN 7681 of 1957. Later the same day -  a six-car cl 104 rake heads south near Bolton
mostly industrial main line steam and diesel standard gauge, mostly main line narrow gauge, mostly industrial 1054 on the SVR; northern Cheshire standard gauge steam and diesel assortment - with 13809 long lens steam specials Peaks and chocolate Remember Barry?
Assortment - with 13809
Monorail assortment - with 13809