Geoff’s mouldy oldies
The first three pictures were taken at Bidston, on the Wirral lines, after a day spent checking out industrial steam in the area.
35028 "Clan Line" is seen between Harrogate and Bilton - on the remaining side of the Bilton triangle - with a York circular special, 2 September 1979
Three pictures taken on the Severn Valley Railway on enthusiasts day, 8 September 1979. Left - Cornwall in Shropshire! The LNWR veteran spent a little while at Bridgnorth - I believe the possibility of steaming was looked into, until someone managed to push a screwdriver through the boiler barrel.... Right- 6443 at (modest) speed, near Foley Park Left- long departed for pastures new, AD 193 "Shropshire" on a demo freight near Bewdley
A solitary class 25 chugs ("ponk,  ponk,  ponkity ponk") towards St Andrews Junction, Birmingham, 6 October 1979
46229 is seen in action near Huby, between Leeds and Harrogate - with the "Limited Edition" - the first run in preservation, 10 May 1980
A couple of  bygones at Kyle of Lochalsh - the Kyle - Kyleakin ferry, and 26 046, which would later (in the pouring rain) head back for Inverness with the train seen in the station with the observation car at the front. The ferry is Cal-Mac's "Lochalsh" which was brought into service in 1971 along with sister "Kyleakin", and was replaced by larger vessels in 1991, which in turn were replaced by an excessively expensive toll bridge.... 11 July 1980
A pair of ancient Sentinels - 6155 and 6185, both built in 1925, at Coalbrookdale Museum. Both locomotives are rebuilds of conventional steam locomotives - a Manning Wardle from 1873 and a Coalbrookdale loco from c1865. 2 Feb 1980
Bath Green Park station - or Sainsbury's, as it was about to become. 28 October 1979
mostly industrial main line steam and diesel standard gauge, mostly main line narrow gauge, mostly industrial 1054 on the SVR; northern Cheshire standard gauge steam and diesel assortment - with 13809 long lens steam specials Peaks and chocolate Remember Barry?
standard gauge, mostly main line
"Tom" North British 27414 of 54 at Horsehay, the same day.
Monorail standard gauge, mostly main line