An evening with the signalmen
3 July 1986
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A warm mid-summer evening - and a Society visit to Shrewsbury's two main signal boxes, Crewe Junction and the famed Severn Bridge Junction - great fun! Shrewsbury was noted for its mechanical signalling, by the mid-80s an increasingly rare survival. Amazingly, it remains
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mechanically signalled (there are one or two colour-light signals), though the infrastructure has been rationalised a little over the years. Little more needs to be said - enjoy! Link: Shropshire Railway Society
Crewe Junction - signalman's eye view Crewe Junction levers Crewe Junction box interior 47 508 arrives with a Cardiff - Crewe train 108 and 101 units arrive at Shrewsbur WMPTE suburban units arrive at Shrewsbury The new order - cl. 150 arrives at Shrewsbury from the south Euston - Shrewsbury arrival Station from Severn Bridge Junction Cl 33 arrives on a Cardiff - Manchester working 56 066 stands with a cement train