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Geoff's Rail Diaries

Copyright notice....

All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please read the copyright notes below

Private, individual use:

You may store the images on your own computer or disks. You may use them as e.g. "wallpaper" on your PC. You may print the images out for your own personal use.

You may put them on a personal web site, provided you place a note (clearly visible with the image) that the copyright remains with G A Cryer, and provided that you put a clear link to this site i.e. 
(Alternatively, just link to the main front page
let me know if you have done this.
Please don't resize / resample them, as the quality will suffer. Contact me and tell me which images you want to use - I will resample for you from the large original scans.

You may give the image files, or prints made from them, to others, on the sole condition that all the restrictions detailed on this page continue to apply.

You may not sell any of the images. If you wish to publish them (except as detailed above, on a personal web site), you must contact me first for clearance. Note that, for any profit-making venture, I would expect my fair share*.

Non-profit organisations:

As for private, individual use above. This includes all not-for-profit railway preservation groups and organisations, or profit making railway organisations where all profit is ploughed back into the organisation. Please contact me if you need further clarification.

Profit-making organisations:

if you wish to use any image for any undertaking which is intended to make a profit, I'd expect my fair share*.  You must contact me before any such use.

Note that all the images have been saved as "low" quality jpegs. On many monitors there will be clearly visible jpeg "artifacts" - "blocky" skies, or a kind of "fuzziness" around fine detail. If you want higher quality, please contact me - I can probably supply you with much larger, higher resolution files suitable for printing or re-sampling.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact me.

*which will be donated to an appropriate charity

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