Wandering Willie Scottish - highland and lowland Assorted locomotives Steam in Action Portrait of Steam Ex-LNER D11/2 no. 62677 "Edie Ochiltree" gets away from Inverkeithing South with the 3.47 Inverkeithing - Thornton Junction 13 June 1959 Crosti-boilered 9F 2-10-0 92024 moves away from Carlisle Citadel station (with the Crosti equipment clearly still active). 9Fs were still being built when this photo was taken! 4 July 1959 Ex-LNER A3 60100 "Spearmint" heads a southbound mixed freight away from Whitrope tunnel on the Waverley route B1 61349 heads a passenger train at Tynehead, on the climb to Falahill summit on the Waverley route. The train is the 4.10 pm Edinburgh to Hawick, April 1964 Black 5 45478 and an unidentified (and almost invisible!) 9F head a heavy van train away from Carstairs "Britannia" pacific 70016 "Ariel" hurries along with a northbound passenger working at Beattock Crosti-boilered 9F 92024 is banked away from Beattock for the 10-mile slog to the summit "Britannia" 70035 "Rudyard Kipling" heads a southbound mixed freight - Whitrope tunnel again 92066, with another 9F banking, heads a train of iron ore past Annfield East box on the climb to Consett 15 February 1964 Steam in Action Q6 0-8-0 63379 hauls a train of steel flats through Beamish, on the line to Consett 15 February 1964 Steam in Action