Wandering Willie Scottish - highland and lowland Assorted locomotives Steam in Action Portrait of Steam 57612 is an ex-Caledonian Railway McIntosh, LMS classification 3F, seen at Dawsholm shed (65D), Glasgow Ex NBR 4-4-2T, LNER class C15 no. 67460 is at Eastfield (65A) on the same day, 29 July 1959 Ex-Caledonian McIntosh 0-4-4T (LMS 2P) no. 55234 is at Kingmoor (12A), in the company of an altogether more modern 9F 1 August 1959 Ex-NER P3, LNER J27 0-6-0 no. 65891 is at Darlington Works 15 August 1959 LMS Fowler 2-6-4T no. 42304 stands at Carlisle Kingmoor 14 April 1960 Ex-LNER A3 no. 60095 "Flamingo" bears a "The Waverley" headboard at Carlisle Citadel, 9 July 1960 BR-built, NER design - J72 no. 69028 - at Gateshead shed, 24 October 1964 Ex-LMS "Jinty" no. 47345 appears to be station pilot at Carlisle Citadel V3 no. 67643 looks to be in smart order at Gateshead shed on 24 October 1964, but it had been withdrawn from service by the end of November, and may already have hauled its last train 46225 "Duchess of Gloucester" at Carlisle Upperby Assorted locomotives Assorted locomotives