© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 With a few days to spare near York, I took the opportunity to partake of some rail-related activity - a look at the main line at Copmanthorpe, a peep at the station and museum, a ride around the York - Hull - Scarborough - York circle, and finally, following "the Duchess" around the same circular route. 6th April - the Duchess follows our tracks Well, almost... The steam special had been advertised as following the Selby Deviation. To quote the previously-mentioned article, "Five minutes before it was due past Bishops Wood, a fellow gricer leaned out of a passing car window to say that, at the last minute, it had been re-routed via Gascoigne Wood. "The small group waiting were somewhat flummoxed What to do? Was it true or just a vicious rumour? Debate ended abruptly when I spotted a trail of steam away to the north-west, obviously on the other line. I leaped into the car and hurtled off to Thorpe Willoughby, near Selby, where I was the only photographer, and got a most acceptable shot. "I was to see the train again on Bempton bank, where the sun came out seconds after it passed; at Gristhorpe, just north of Filey, and at Malton - another most enjoyable day on "the other York circle". 2 April: Copmanthorpe These pictures serve to demonstrate just how much change there has been to the railway scene. The line here is part of the electrified east coast route, the multiple units are gone, as are the Peaks and 56s, and at the time of writing (November 2004) just a handful of 31s and 47s remain in service. Even the HSTs (yes, there were a few about) may be nearing the end of their lives. 2-car "Calder Valley" 110 set near Copmantorpe 47 550 "University  of Dundee" Copmanthorpe 45 (?066) on ballast, Copmanthorpe 141 railbus at Copmanthorpe 56 079 on a power station coal train, Copmanthorpe 31 311 on a short container train, Copmanthorpe 45 (?143 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards) near Copmanthorpe NRM - can't remember which loco this was... NRM - car 809 from the Post Office Railway Museum pilot - 03 089 stands outside the NRM 141 railbus ready to form a Harrogate - Leeds working 45 123 "Lancashire Fusilier" arrives at York Just two more years to go - 08 657 on vans from Rowntrees 31 446 stands with the 1030 for Hull, York 31 446 on arrival at Hull Hull Paragon Platform ironwork, Bridlington Cl 111 car no. E78716 at Bridlington More of that impressive ironwork, Brid The Duchess should have followed this - HST, Bishops Wood 46229 hurries through Thorpe Willoughby 31 434 heads west, Thorpe Willoughby Bempton Bank - 46229 Malton station Eastbound 45 (?137 The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment (TA)), Malton The Duchess at Malton Later the same day I made a fairly brief visit to the NRM and York station -  and again, the station scenes depict a bygone era - the 08 is hauling the vans from Rowntrees - they will have joined the Scarborough line via the last stretch of the Foss Islands branch, which once served York power station, and connected to the Derwent Valley Light Railway at Layerthorpe. NRM - not the most elegant of designs - "Crab" and Fletcher 2-4-0 3rd April: York - Hull - Scarborough - York This is the trip which I described in an article for the Shropshire Railway Society's newsletter - "The Other York Circle" - you can read it on the "Trips and Tours" pages. A rake of MkIIs hauled by 31 446 took us via the new Selby Deviation line, via Hambleton Junction, to Selby, and thence to Hull. A class 111 DMU formed our service to Bridlington (fish and chips - what else?) where I recorded the interesting station architecture. Another DMU then formed our train towards Scarborough. We made the mistake of detraining at Seamer Junction, where we could catch the next Scarborough - York working. It was a mistake simply because a loco failure meant we had to wait there for well over an hour. With two small children in tow, Scarborough (just four minutes further) would have been an infinitely better place to pass the time on a cold and rainy afternoon - a pity the station staff hadn't the wits to advise us, as they were well aware of the situation. Bridlington booking office