Main line motive power
Willington & Mill Meece
22 May 2001  
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I found myself with a day off work - and the sun was still shining! So here's a record of some of the things that were moving about that day. I started at Willington, on the Birmingham - Derby Line, just between Willington Junction, where the Stoke line joins, and Stenson Junction, where the Castle Donington line cuts off towards Trent Junction. Illustrated below are a southbound passenger, in the hands of a class 47, 66 185 with a short freight, which took the Trent line, and 60 059 "Swinden Dalesman" on a long train of tanks..... ....which passed a southbound steel train in the hands of 66 189. A southbound coal train passed hauled by 66 008. There were also a few HSTs around - here's one with buffers, and a shorter train than usual. Next we had 66 185 again, returning with a very
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similar train, followed by 66 009 with another long coal train, seen peeling off the branch. I moved across country now to the west coast route, to a spot just north of Mill Meece pumping station, whose chimney can just be discerned in the picture of 57006 "Freightliner Reliance" heading north with a freightliner. A few minutes later, 47 703 "Hermes" passed on a northbound passenger, then class 92 014 "Emile Zola" with a southbound freightliner. Three more Virgin passenger trains now, headed by class 87, 90 015 "The International Brigades Spain 1936-1939" and another class 47. There were of course other trains around - several HSTs at both sites, plus a variety of sprinters. Soon, I suspect, diesel-hauled passenger workings will be a memory, and there will be yet more multiple unit trains, such as the "Coradia" unit illustrated, on a working which, a year ago, would probably have been a class 37....
47 on southbound passenger 47 and southbound passenger 86 on northbound passenger 92 on southbound freightliner 47 703 "Hermes" 57 006 60 059 60 059 and 66 189 66 008 ...and a long coal train 66 009.... 66 185 66 185 again 90 015 on northbound passenger Coradia unit HST, Willington