© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 The title for this page should have been different. 60163 “Tornado” was due to haul the “Cathedrals Express” up to Shrewsbury and back, via the “North and West” Then it transpired that Tornado would be elsewhere - and the train would be hauled by 4492 “Dominion of New Zealand” (aka “Bittern”) - that would be good! It was rather disappointing when as the date approached, 4492 fell by the wayside to be replaced by 6024 “King Edward I”. Nothing wrong with the King, but... I’d intended to go down towards Craven Arms to see the northbound run - but the pelting rain put me off. Instead, as the rain eased, I would wander over to the “Bridgnorth Station Festival”. The replica “Catch Me Who Can” would be in steam, and there would be visiting miniature steam and other attractions. I could perhaps see the return working of the King if the weather improved... I somehow imagined that the replica would be allowed to strut its stuff up and down a siding. But no. “Catch Me Who Can” was well and truly caught - mounted on blocks, so that the wheels could revolve an inch or so above the rails! The miniature locos were nice though, and I’ve never seen a model ploughing (traction) engine in action before. The resident red “Western” had been got out to play too. ...the weather improved. The sun shone strongly for a while, but it was back behind the clouds by the the time the King came through, not really appearing taxed by the pull away from Shrewsbury. Shame about that leaky cylinder drain cock though... Link: Severn Valley Railway D1062 Western Courier at Bridgnorth Steam and 7812 Caught! Catch Me Who Can The steam crane in action Steam crane driver - a study in concentration The Manor in the platform Miniature charm Action Man steers the plough! Severn Valley Visitor - 92212 has arrived for its summer hols D1062 - ready to depart Western Departure I 42968 - Stanier's mogul had some Western characteristics... Western Departure II - 6024 at Bayston Hill