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27 September 2009
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The forecast for the weekend had been good. I'd spent the previous day on the narrow gauges (see Justine and Lydia), and still had a day in hand while the good lady was otherwise occupied - so I'd planned to spend part, at least, of Sunday on the Severn Valley - it would be the last day of their Autumn Steam Gala. As usual, there would be visiting locomotives - including 41241, the Ivatt tank from the Worth Valley, and GNR N2 1744 from the Great Central. I'd first met the Ivatt more than 40 years ago on the Worth Valley - and the N2 likewise in 1970. The N2 has recently been restored to Great Northern livery - should be worth seeing... In the event, Sunday was quite dull and gloomy - the light was flat. So it was a short trip - but timed to perfection, as the first train past my chosen spot, near Eardington, was double-headed by 41241 and recently- repaired 43106. (Black engines on a dull grey day - oh dear)... ...and the next northbound train, heading up the bank and working hard, was the N2 and a rake of no fewer than 7 teak coaches - magnificent! The SVR is really good at these things - a local dashed up the bank, in the form of a very-authentic looking 4566 and a 2-coach GWR set. When 42968 followed some time later, it was hauling a rake of 8 LMS coaches - tremendous stuff. There’s an interesting link between the N2 and the later LMS locos, of course. Gresley’s design was derived from
the N1 of H A Ivatt - father of H G Ivatt, who designed the later LMS locos seen double-heading below... Links: Severn Valley Railway The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust Two A1s in Edinburgh
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The Gresley train - 1744 and 7 teak coaches 1744 Drifting back down - panned A pair of Ivatts - 41241 and 43106 Return of the local 42968 and LMS stock
Video The N2 heads up the bank, followed by the local. A little later, the N2 drifts back southwards