© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2012 A clear blue sky (once the morning mist had cleared) and spring green foliage and grass - and on the railway, five visitors - two blue, two green, and one black. Caledonian Railway 0-6-0 no.828 had over- wintered on the railway, acquiring a new set of tyres since its popular appearances last Autumn. Garter blue A4 4464 “Bittern” would be a star attraction too - but fellow LNER visitors N2 1744, and J72 69023, would be well worth seeing. The black visitor was “Jinty” no 47406, from the Great Central. I spent the latter part of Friday morning at Eardington, before heading off to Foley Park to see the N2 and 69023 (trying to see things the “right way round” - the SVR helpfully publish such information in their public timetables). What I hadn’t realised was that there was a fairly severe speed restriction along the recently relaid track... So no fireworks - but the air was by now too warm to see any steam anyway. I returned to Eardington on Saturday - there would be three trains up the bank - all “right way round” - within a couple of hours - with a bonus N2 (bunker first) on a “local”. The crowds gathered for the last train - the A4. I’d thought of varying my position subtly between trains - no chance! I’d bumped into a friend on the Friday - he was bringing his wife to see the A4 - she’d never seen one in action. The valanced loco on the eight Gresley teak carriages (a first in preservation?) made a splendid sight - but the climb was taken gently. “Not quite as impressive at it would be on the main line” we agreed. So it was on Saturday - after energetic ascents by the Manor and 1744, it was Bittern’s turn. I think it was the gentlest ascent I’ve seen at Hay Bridge. I can hardly describe the sight of the superb loco and coaches as an anti-climax, but... ...but what a super spectacle the Severn Valley provided on this fine and unseasonably warm weekend. Well done, once again, SVR. Link: Severn Valley Railway
Go Great Western - 4566 on the local 47406 comes out of the mist ...and scuttles along the embarkment... ...nearly at the top The Jinty and the Caley Caley action Bittern on the bank 828 and the Jinty drift down from Foley Park tunnel 828 and the Jinty drift down from Foley Park tunnel 69023 chugs towards the tunnel An odd combination - 69023 and 4566 43106 and the distant Light green and grass green - 69023 and 1744 828 (and 43106) Hay Bridge 828 and 43106 - Hay Bridge Erlestoke storms the bank 1744 - more coal on the fire... Bittern begins to climb... ...gently - Garter Blue and teak