© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2012 There are usually one or two interesting visiting locomotives at the Severn Valley’s galas - this years visitors (notwithstanding the appearance of the LNWR Coal Tank) gave the gala a distinctly Southern flavour. Rebuilt “Battle of Britain” no. 34053 “Sir Keith Park” is newly restored from its Barry condition. It’s been on the SVR since May, completing its restoration and running in, only recently appearing in normal service. For the weekend, two more southerners - “U” class no. 31806 and T9 “Greyhound” no. 30120 would be in action. Apart from the T9 on display at Tyseley, in 1971, I hadn’t managed to get a photo of any of them - a visit was a must; the weather decided that Saturday would be the day. As well as the above, the ex-LNWR “Coal Tank” 0-6-2T was visiting for the weekend, and a variety of other SVR residents were about and in action (reputedly - I didn’t actually see the Manor or 1501, though I didn’t look very hard...) As the “U” and the “T9” were both facing south, I started on the stretch of line between the safari park and Foley Park tunnel; having successfully recorded both, I headed (appropriately) northwards to Eardington, to see the northerner - and Sir Keith. I’d seen him “down south”, but he was running tender first (there were times when everything seemed to run tender (or bunker) first). The camera didn’t always come out of the bag (sometimes it’s good just to sit back and enjoy the show...) Link: Severn Valley Railway The U approaches 31806 near Droppingwells Backwards 1: 5164 Backwards 2: 30120 Backwards 3: 42968 Backwards 4: 31806 3650 passes the safari park The T9 approaches 30120 near Droppingwells 42968 tops Eardington bank The coal tank drifts down the bank (looks like a model, doesn't it?) 34053 approaches Sir Keith Park near Eardington Coal tank at Eardington 1 Coal tank at Eardington 2 Coal tank at Eardington 3 The T9 - as seen at Tyseley, 1971