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Things don’t always go to plan. Three of the intended visitors didn’t make it - instead of Britannia, Sir Lamiel and Lord Nelson, we had Duchess of Sutherland, Kinlet Hall and Cheltenham. Not complaining... Metropolitan 0-4-4T No. 1 made it - as did one other rather unusual and unlikely guest. The weather and the loco rosters didn’t quite do what they should either. It was dry, and intermittently sunny - and generally too warm to see much steam. I realise that the locomotives had to be the right way round 50% of the time, but it didn’t seem like that. Kinlet Hall caught us on the hop - I was set up to record video of the Duchess, running tender first (the stills camera stayed in the bag). But the Duchess had failed, and Kinlet was the right way round - and making steam, and noise, in splendid fashion...
Geoff’s Rail Diaries 20 & 22 September 2013
I spent Friday around Eardington - with other plans for Saturday, I could return on Sunday, and perhaps get the shots I’d missed. Sunday started at Eardington, primarily for the freight - which was good, but not what I’d expected (that had to wait until almost the end of the day). The rest of the day would be spent around Foley Park - the Met. tank would be right way round up the bank, as would the Duchess (which had been fixed by the time I got home on Friday). Alas - it was broken again! (brake problems, apparently). Inevitably I was in the trees, making my way to the line, when 34053 passed through in fine style... The freight was tricky - hard to know where to go to get a good record of that most unusual scene - but didn’t Sir Haydn look great, trundling along on a surprisingly small flat wagon behind 2857... And what a contrast in sizes! Two great days - most enjoyable, despite the hiccups... Link: Severn Valley Railway
Friday: No. 1 on Eardington bank Friday: No. 1 on Eardington bank Friday: No. 1 descends Eardington bank Friday: 43106 drifts downhill Friday: 34053 drifting past the crossing Friday: The Schools rounds the curve Friday: 925 Cheltenham going well Sunday: 2857 on the freight Sunday: 34053 passes the crossing again... Sunday: The Schools approaches Sunday: Cheltenham and sheep Sunday: Foley park - No. 1 is going nicely Sunday: 5643 on the local Sunday: 925 heads for Bewdley Sunday: A precious cargo Sunday: 5643 heads for Bewdley Sunday: 43106 approaches
Severn Valley Autumn Steam Scenes on Eardington bank, on the Friday of the autumn gala 2013. Residents 34053 and 43106 are seen sharing the action with visitors 925 "Cheltenham", 4936 "Kinlet Hall", and Metropolitan 0-4-4T No.1.
Severn Valley Sunday Day three of the gala: firstly, more action at Eardington, including 34053, 2857 on the freight and 925 "Cheltenham". We then move to Foley Park - we'll see the above three again (the freight will be much shorter, with an altogether more precious cargo), also Metropolitan No.1, 5643 and 4936 "Kinlet Hall".