Winter steam on the SVR
Sunny Severnside Santas
11 December 2005
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It's December - and with the prospect of a fine sunny afternoon once the morning mist and fog had cleared, I headed for the southern part of the Severn Valley Railway (again!) to see what was going on. At first, inevitably - everything was the wrong way round. Of the five locos in action, only two were facing the right way up the bank from Bewdley to Foley Park tunnel - fortunately, these would be the last two before the sun dipped below the hill. So, after a false start near Northwood, I took camera and tripod to the southernmost point of the line. No further explanation is required - enjoy the pictures! Link: Severn Valley Railway
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
False start - Bradley's tender near Northwood... 1501 drifts down the bank 34036 34036 (2) 34036 (3) 5164 at Foley Park 45110 45110 (2) 45110 (3) 7802 Bradley Manor at Foley Park 1501 1501 1501 (2) 1501 (3)
Video: 1501, 5164, 7802, 34036 (Taw Valley in disguise) and 45110 make lots of steam on the Santa trains