© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 The annual Santa trains on the Severn Valley Railway are a a photographer's delight - frequent service of heavy trains, and no heads hanging out of windows - if it ever stops raining, that is. These photos were taken in December 1986, on a couple of days when the sky cleared, leading to clear, calm frosty days, when the steam hung in the air. (I didn't record the dates - and until I scanned the slides for this page, I thought they had all been taken the same day - then I realised there's a half moon in one of the pictures, and a full moon in another...) We start at Kidderminster, with a couple of pictures of 75069 and 4566 leaving, then move to Foley Park, where 43106 is seen approaching the tunnel with a train returning from Santa's Grotto at Arley. Next we see 75069 again, returning from Arley, followed by 4566 doing likewise. Leaving Foley park, I then took one or two more pictures along Northwood Lane, as the light faded. The sun's ray were dying rapidly when 4566 came through with one more train for Arley - the waxing half-moon can just be seen top right. A week later, then rising moon was full when 4566 steamed out of Foley Park Tunnel, followed a few minutes later by 75069 with a returning trip. Link: Severn Valley Railway 4566 steam away from Foley Park tunnel 4566 approaches Foley Park tunnel 4566 steams away from Kidderminster 4566, Northwood Lane 43106 approaching Foley Park Tunnel 75069 heads for home, Foley Park 75069 approaches Foley Park tunnel 75069 leaves Kidderminster 75069, Northwood Lane