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SVR - a glance at the gala
23 September 2006
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The Severn Valley Railway needs no introduction - and its "Autumn Steam Gala" (I think they used to call it "Enthusiasts' Weekend") is a long-established tradition. This year the theme was "LMS" - with visiting attractions 6201 "Princess Elizabeth", 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" and "Super D" 49395.
With some fine weather forecast, I thought I'd better take a glance at proceedings. I spent a couple of pleasant hours in the well-known natural amphitheatre on Eardington bank - although photographically this was not a particularly successful foray. There was plenty of clear sky - but also large areas of heavy cloud. Generally, the cloud won, though the Super D nearly got the better of it... I went home for tea - and, as darkness approached, headed for Bridgnorth station with camera and tripod. The weather was not a problem here - but the crowds made it difficult to move around easily (the footbridge is a nightmare! Apologies to the chap whose beer-belly had a close encounter with my camera bag - I didn't see it in the dark...). This was my first serious attempt at digital night photography - and I'm most impressed with the camera's capabilities. It can see far better in the dark than I can! Link: Severn Valley Railway
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Anonymous 8F, Eardington bank 49395 drifts down the bank 6233 makes light work of the climb Shed scene Dusk in the shed yard Arrival of the Duchess The Duchess on shed 6233 - ready to depart Bradley Manor arrives at Bridgnorth