Mixed-gauge fun
Ten again at Statfold
12 June 2010
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Another visit to the Statfold Barn Railway - and, like the previous visit, there were to be ten locomotives in steam on the mixed gauge 2' / 2' 6" line. Nine would be residents, the tenth was "Edward Sholto", the recently-restored Hunslet quarry locomotive. The full line-up would be, in no particular order: Trangkil No. 4 - "old-build" Hunslet 3902 of 1971 "Statfold" - new-build Hunslet 3903 of 2005 "Jack Lane" - new-build Hunslet 3904 of 2006  "Harrogate" Peckett 2050 of 1944 Sragi No.1 - Krauss 4045 of 1899 Sragi No 14 "Max" - O&K 10750 of 1923 Pakis Baru 1 - O&K 614 of 1900 Pakis Baru 5 - O&K 1473 of 1905 "Saccharine" - Fowler 13355 of 1914 "Edward Sholto" - Hunslet 996 of 1909 "Saccharine" is a relative newcomer to the Statfold fleet. Built for sugar plantation work (obviously?) in South Africa, it spent some time at the Alford Valley Railway in Aberdeenshire, before moving to Northumberland for the proposed Green Dragon
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
Railway (which seems to have come to nothing), finally to Statfold for rebuilding into the fine and unusual locomotive we saw in action today. There was a little unexpected entertainment fairly early on - the first train I saw out, a little after 10am, was hauled by "Max", steam blowing merrily from the safety valves. Unfortunately, Max disgraced himself - the valve didn't close, and he expired at the far end of the line, to be rescued, with his train, by Mallett "Pakis Baru 5" - which made a fine sight on the short bank at the northern end of the field railway. Other amusements included a pair of Hunslet diesels (one built in South Africa) on the garden railway; IRS president Roy Etherington demonstrating his compressed-air powered locomotive "Issinsyd"; 2' gauge pump-trolley action; the 2' gauge Land Rover (!) (Shouldn't it now be described as a Rail Rover?). Little more needs to be said. Statfold is great fun - I took many photographs (and sometimes just watched, or rode the trains) - here's a selection. Links: Industrial Railway Society Statfold Barn Railway
Max sets out for the fields Sragi No 1 returns from the fields Trains in the fields (Pakis Baru No 5 to the rescue) Pakis Baru No 5 on the rescue train Badger takes a turn on the passenger Edward Sholto takes his turn Harrogate returns from the fields Rail Rover Edward Sholto Side-view of Saccharine Edward Sholto and Statfold at Oak Tree Loop Side view of Sragi No 1 Jack Lane (and Pakis Baru No 1) Jack Lane and Pakis Baru No 1 return from the fields Hunslet diesels on the garden railway (HE 8819/1979 and HT 6720/1965) Issinsyd Saccharine Pakis Baru No 1 returns from the fields Pumping iron (and wood) Saccharine again Statfold steam Harrogate in action Statfold is steaming well Sragi No 1 Jack Lane on the balloon loop Pakis Baru No 5 - same place Pakis Baru No 1 - mixed train Portrait of PB1 Trangkil No 4 on the freight Triple-headed departure (Sholto, Statfold and Jack Lane) Saccharine arrives Triple-headed arrival