© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2013 It really is hard to keep up with events at the Statfold Barn Railway. Our last visit was just a year ago, when there were twelve locomotives in steam. Today, there were no fewer than sixteen - and a new “big engine” line, 2’ gauge only, running roughly parallel to the existing dual gauge line from the works to Oak Tree Halt. Set in concrete, tramway-style, it also serves as a roadway for farm vehicles. The active participants were “Minas de Aller 2” Corpet 439 of 1884 Trangkil No. 4 - HE 3902 of 1971 "Statfold" - HE 3903 of 2005 "Jack Lane" - HE 3904 of 2006 Sragi No.1 - Krauss 4045 of 1899 Sragi No 14 "Max" - O&K 10750 of 1923 Pakis Baru 1 - O&K 614 of 1900 Pakis Baru 5 - O&K 1473 of 1905 GP39 Hudswell Clarke 1643 of 1930 "Sybil Mary" HE 921 of 1906 "Marchlyn" Avonside 2067 of 1933 CSR Co Ltd 19 Hudswell Clarke 1056 of 1908 "Josephine" HE 1842 of 1936 Operating the “big engine” line were "Saccharine" - Fowler 13355 of 1914 Isibutu - Bagnall 4-4-0T 2820 of 1945 SF Djatibarang No 9 Jung Mallet 4878 of 1930 The diesel in the garden was O&K 20777 of 1936 Most of the locos on the dual gauge line spent the day coupled up in pairs, though newcomers CSR 19 and Josephine operated on their own - a chance to show what they could do, perhaps - as did Trangkil No 4. The shed at Oak Tree had a turntable serving roundhouse-style tracks last time we visited - today those tracks extend to the far wall, occupied by an astonishing variety of locomotives. Many are unrestored, some are recent arrivals. Amongst the stars must be the two Baldwins from India, in the company of their sugar works colleague, an unbelievably decrepit little Davenport 0-4-0. A hefty piece of wood is jammed between its wheels and motion - it looks as though a tree had grown up through it while it stood out of use. Also present, and unrestored, are former quarry Hunslets “Michael” (1709 of 1932, of the “Late Port” type, the design used for “Statfold” and “Jack Lane”), “King of the Scarlets” (492 of 1889), and Peckett “Liassic” (1632 of 1923). These three have been in storage, until very recently, in Canada. Liassic stood a little way behind its former Southam cement works stablemate “Triassic”, late of the Bala Lake Railway (looking pleased to be reunited?).  There are, of course, many decrepit steam locomotives around the UK - many, unfortunately, are likely to remain in that condition for some time. I suspect some of the above will be in steam again long before those less fortunate survivors. Links: Statfold Barn Railway CSR 19 at Oak Tree GP39 and Max at Oak Tree Statfold and Sragi No 1 on the bank Josephine heads for the fields The Pakis Baru O&Ks No 9 on the bank CSR 19 heads for the fields The return of Josephine One of the ex-India Baldwins The other ex-India Baldwin Triassic and Liassic Michael King of the Scarlets View from the gallery (1) View from the gallery (2) Arrival of Josephine Isibutu is a "big engine" GP39 and Max on the curve "Minas de Aller 2" and Jack Lane CSR 19 on the freight Statfold and Sragi 1 leave the loop  Jack Lane and Minas de Aller 2 leave the loop The O&Ks head for home CSR 19 on the freight at Oak Tree Jack Lane catches the late afternoon light Max and GP39 prepare for the line-up Trangkil No 4 is ready to take his place (at the rear) End of our day: sixteen in steam - and a diesel Ear-splitting! Loco line-up in the early evening light O&K no. 20777 of 1936 Decrepit Davenport Triassic, King of the Scarlets and the Davenport The big blue Mallet on the big engine line Josephine slips to a halt... Getting ready for the line-up - Statfold and Sragi No 1 Start of our day: No 9 at the new platform, Oak Tree Halt