A great day out on the narrow gauge
Ten in steam at Statfold
28 March 2009
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Another trip to the Statfold Barn Railway - it needs no introduction (see previous visits / links at foot of page). Another day of wonderful narrow gauge steam action (great light early in the day; sunshine and hailstorms later...), and on this occasion, no fewer than ten locomotives in steam (they kept moving around - very difficult to count...). In no particular order, they were Trangkil No. 4 - "old-build" Hunslet 3902 of 1971 "Statfold" - new-build Hunslet 3903 of 2005 "Jack Lane" - 3904 of 2006 ("who was he?", my wife asked, bless her) "Jennie" Wren 3905 of 2007 (formerly "Howard" of Amerton?) Wren 3906 of 2009 (still partly in undercoat!) - destined for Kew Bridge?
"Harrogate" Peckett 2050 of 1944 Sragi No.1 - Krauss 4045 of 1899 Pakis Baru 1 - O&K 614 of 1900 Pakis Baru 5 - O&K 1473 of 1905 "Emmett" - the 1995 loco built on the frames of a 1938 O&K diesel... ...and of course countless other delights, one or two of which are illustrated below. Links: Industrial Railway Society Statfold Barn Railway  official website
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
Sragi No. 1 on shed Sragi "Max" - O&K 10750 of 1923 - nearly ready for steaming Trangkil No 4 returns from the fields Trangkil No 4 -  smoke and steam Emmett and Pakis Baru No.1, outbound Interesting freight for the freight train... Harrogate - smoke and steam Emmett and PB No1 at Oak Tree Halt Sragi No 1 returns from the fields The Pakis Baru Mallet No 4 makes some black smoke Jack Lane and Statfold return from the fields Brand new - light duties only... Wren 3906 of 2009 drifts around the garden Posing on shed Matheran Rly. No. 740 O&K 2343 of 1907 Steam-outline diesel - 15" gauge? in Oak Tree shed Sragi smokes at Oak Tree Halt Jennie Wren in the garden Libbie BgDC railcar 1097 of 1920 "Isibutu" WB 2820 of 1945