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Stapleford Revisited
17 June 2006
Last time I visited the Stapleford Park setup, in June 2003, I had been accompanied by a couple of railway friends. It occurred to me at the time that it was the sort of place my wife might quite like to visit, with much more than just the railway to look at. So on this very warm June day we headed towards Melton Mowbray (or "Molten Debris" as a friend used to call it) and Stapleford Park, for a most enjoyable day's entertainment. I covered the railway reasonably comprehensively three years ago (check the page for
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
Fordson et al. A fine pair of Fodens 1928 "Super Sentinel" Steam cars Fowler "Duke of Rutland" Berkshire class  2-8-4 no 752 Niagara class  4-8-4 no 6019 Atlantic no 751 "John H Gretton" The Saint and the Jubilee
details of the locos, or have a look at the railway's own web site) - so really, all that's needed this time is the photos - and a couple of video clips. And was it the sort of place she'd like to visit? "What did you like best?" "The hog roast - oh, and of course the ride on the train..." 'Nuff said! Links: Stapleford Steam  the 2003 Rail Diaries trip The Stapleford Miniature Railway
The railway in action  All five steam locomotives are seen out on the line in this compilation of clips
A ride on the line The fifteen minute trip condensed into 3 minutes of scenes from the journey