in the Severn Valley Snow and Steam 30 December 2000 Back Contact Geoff Jack drifts down towards Leadhills station
Thursday had been a great day (see "Escaping the turkey"), but Friday was "lost" to family duties. Saturday however dawned bright and clear, so I packed my camera bags and headed down the road to Bridgnorth. With plenty of time before the day's first train, I parked briefly at the station to check that things were running. A quick view from the footbridge revealed a big black locomotive, swathed in steam - not a shape I recognised from the usual SVR fleet. As the southbound departure would be tender-first, I took up position on the bypass bridge for a broadside shot, which I guessed wouldn't be great, but I could at least identify the locomotive in question - it was 9F 2-10-0 no. 92212,  which I later found was visiting from the Great Central Railway. I drove on down to Eardington, where I would see 92212 once more, having been delayed by the slack where the track was washed out in November. The "Mince Pie" service is operated using three sets - I wondered what would be on the first northbound train. Joining the other photographers, I soon found out, as "Black 5" 45110 steamed up the bank and on to Bridgnorth.
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
I had brought two camera bodies with me, plus tripod, so I was able to take some long (200mm) lens black & white shots, though I realised I should have brought a 300mm lens. I would have had time to drive home for it, but the thought of missing one of the three northbound trains deterred me - weather like this is not too common, especially on days when the trains are running.  So I stayed put (approximately) for the second working, in the capable hands of pannier tank no 7714. The last working in reasonable light would be 92212 again. I moved down to Hay Bridge, a little further down the bank, and set up in the usual spot. This is a popular "location", and conversation with others in the vicinity helped pass the time, before we were rewarded with a fine spectacle as the 9F passed. Link: Severn Valley Railway
7714 near Eardington 7714 near Eardington 45110 near Eardington 45110 near Eardington 92212 near Hay Bridge 92212 near Hay Bridge A big black loco at Bridgnorth 92212 near Hay Bridge 92212 crosses the bypass