Taking a breather on the drive north
Shap in winter
20 December 2002  
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Once again, a late December trip to Scotland provided me with the opportunity for a few photos, although the weather looked less encouraging than on previous trips. The preceding week had seen hard frosts, but the forecast seemed to suggest grey, overcast weather for much of the day. It wasn't as bad as that - the sky cleared to a certain extent. I started on the incline itself (just behind the motorway service area), then headed towards Shap village. Some interesting misty backlighting gave me the chance of something different en route. Sadly, it lasted only minutes - little opportunity for experimentation.
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Finally - and some miles further north - an image which I have “seen” on several occasions, but never quite managed to capture. Around 3pm, the lowering sun (if it's shining...) creates a silhouette of the low viaduct across the Esk at Metal Bridge. The picture is taken from the footpath on the road bridge beside the A74 - hardly a pleasant spot with the heavy traffic thundering past, and the temperature dropping rapidly. Time to go!
90 028 in "Belgian" livery, northbound on Shap incline A southbound "Voyager" skims down the bank, Shap ...some interesting misty backlighting... Cl 90 Northbound sprinter on the Esk Viaduct