© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 This was, in effect, a trip from Shropshire to Lymington for a pub lunch - with one or two railway snaps on the way... It is described in full in "Trips 'n Tours" - so I'm going to be lazy and quote the relevant bit from that write-up below:- "We had debated our itinerary for the day whilst on the train - a run to Lymington seemed a reasonable idea. "Let’s get a few shots from the footbridge, then catch the 1141 Weymouth train". There seemed to be a few gricers about - the reason, we discovered on the footbridge, was that a special was due in, double headed by "Black 5" no. 44767 "George Stevenson" and D6593. The steamer was due to come off at Southampton; the special then going forward to Poole behind the preserved 33. However, it was reported running quite late, and we decided to stick to plan "A" and head for Lymington. Typically, a 47 passed through on freight as we bought our tickets. "The Weymouth train was formed of 2 cl.442 units - my first trip with these units. As we headed out past the rusty rail entrance to Western Docks, the sun began to break through "We can get out at Brockenhurst" (the junction for the Lymington Branch) "and get a few shots before we go down the branch. We might see the special". We did too - after one or two electrics, and a northbound HST, it hurried through, the 33 bustling along nicely with the 9- coach train of maroon MkIs and green (!) Mk IIs. "We now joined the EMU forming the 1300 to Lymington Pier. "If it's a minute late, it will be 1301 departing 1301" commented Mr. Price, on noting the unit number. It left on time. "A pleasant run down the branch took us to the pier by 1310, just time for a quick snap then back to Lymington Town. A short walk took us to the harbour side, for a few shots of the next working down to the pier and back, then lunch - ham, egg & chips, washed down with Wadworth's, before rejoining 1301 for the 1445 back to Brockenhurst, to catch the 1500 back to Southampton Central. "We took up position for the return of the special above the tunnel at the north end of the station. At about 1540, sulphurous smoke began to issue from the tunnel mouth, along with a familiar hissing sound. An EMU left the station for the north, and 44767 then backed out of the tunnel and into platform 1. Bang on time at 1550, the special pulled up behind it, and coupled up, and the train was away on time at 1605, with some very nice steam and smoke effects, and just enough light remaining to record it on film."   A class 442 unit arrives at Southampton Units at Southampton More units at Southampton ...and another unit at Southampton... This one's near Brockenhurst 442 unit approaches Brockenhurst HST (yes, another unit!) leaves Brockenhurst ...and hurries away towards Southampton At last! Something different - D6593 on the special Not sure what this is - ex railway building near Brockenhurst station 442 unit at Brockenhurst Cl 421 unit no. 1301 at Brockenhurst ...and again at Lymington Pier Lymington Town station 1301 at Lymington 1301 heads for the pier, Lymington There's a train in there somewhere! 1301 returns from the Pier 1301 at Lymington That curious swing-bridge at Brockenhurst Yet another 442 unit at Brockenhurst "nice steam and smoke effects, and just enough light"