© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 We visited the Rhiw Valley Light Railway for the first time last year (for more details of the railway see Rhiw Valley Rainway) - but it was rather a wet day, and a return trip was in order. The promise of lunch at the Lion Hotel in Berriew ensured the co-operation of the household authorities... In the event, the day was cloudy - no sunshine, and the promise of rain later in the afternoon, a promise which was only fulfilled when we arrived home after our trip. Resident locos "Powys" and "Jack" were both in steam, and took turns at first to haul trains around the circuit. But I don't think Powys was feeling too good, and at one point had to be given some gentle banking assistance (by the guard!). So the pair were coupled together, and ran double-headed, traversing the circular (sausage-shaped is perhaps more accurate) route twice before returning to the terminus. Little more needs to be said - so here is a photographic and video record of the trip. Enjoy! Link: Rhiw Valley Railway Rhiw Valley Rainway - last year's visit
Double-header at the station Run-through Powys - please close the gate... Powys beside the river Jack in the fields Double-headed departure Traversing the triangle Out in the fields Beside the river Home straight Inspection time - Jack at the terminus Clockwise departure Steam beside the river Nearing home Fun on the 15" gauge Single- and double-headed trains run clockwise and anticlockwise around the Rhiw Valley Railway