© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2012 I almost didn’t bother. In the days of Kodachrome, I would certainly have stayed at home. But it would be good to see Oliver Cromwell in action, and we might get a decent picture or two, if the teeming rain doesn’t short-circuit the camera... I’d photographed Nunney Castle on The Great Britain IV around this time last year, at the same place, on a fine, warm, sunny day. The farmer was concerned about the dry weather - there would be problems for him if we didn’t have some rain soon. Once again, we exchanged a few words. Drought was declared in Shropshire nearly two weeks ago - it doesn’t seem to have stopped raining since (remember Denis Howell?). But, as he pointed out, we need a lot more yet. (But not this afternoon!) The recent rain had barely started to soak into the hard baked ground - much of it was just running off. Specials can often run late. We were hugely grateful that this one was one time. Due through Dorrington at 2 o’clock, it ought to be passing through All Stretton at about 5 past. The light wind from the north carried the sound of the chime whistle - and a minute or so later, there it was, on time and going well (better than Nunney Castle, dare I say?). We forgot the rain completely as the heavy train passed through, smoke and steam billowing and swirling. Wonderful!