© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 I can't remember much about this trip - it was an "escape the turkey" outing with a handful of SRS members. We travelled by rail - but whether from Shrewsbury, or a little nearer in order to take advantage of a rover ticket, I can't remember. I'm pretty sure we travelled by rail from Stockport to Stalybridge (there was still a useable service in 1986), then on to Marsden, just the other side of Standedge Tunnel, and finally on to Huddersfield, before retracing our steps homewards The purpose of the trip is obvious - the Peaks were nearing the end of their time in service with BR. One or two of our members seemed determined to catch their every movement, travelling to the trans-pennine route regularly. On this occasion we were allowed to go with them... Like so many of these pages, much has changed since then (just over 19 years ago at the time of writing) - the Peaks are long gone; their immediate successors, the Brush type 4s, are dwindling rapidly and no longer see regular passenger duty. Even the second generation 141 railbuses have gone (a good thing, some might say...). Eastbound train, Stalybridge Westbound train arrives at Stalybridge (45 129?) Westbound train at Stalybridge (45 129?) 45 141 westbound at Marsden Eastbound train, Marsden 47 447 approaches the tunnel, Marsden An eastbound train leaves the tunnel... ...and sweeps around the curves towards Marsden station The Red Bank parcels train approaches Standedge Tunnel Another eastbound train hurries away from Standedge 141 004 in the bay at Huddersfield 45 106 arrives at Huddersfield with a westbound train 45 106 stands at Huddersfield Last look at a Peak - Huddersfield