Jack drifts down towards Leadhills station © Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 "We ought to get a day out over the Christmas break - how about a trip up the North Wales coast?". I agreed - I needed a day out, and couldn't think of anywhere better. (I couldn't think of anywhere at all...) We started at Sandycroft. Last time I was there, there were still four tracks and some pointwork. Now there was just plain track. We moved on - ending up at Abergele ("and Pensarn", to use its full title). There was a reasonable variety of traffic - passenger only - Sprinters, HSTs, and some 37-hauled trains, which I suspected were the real reason for my friend’s suggestion. Shame about the weather - dull, grey, cold. By the time 37 420 "The Scottish Hosteller" hurried through, the vehicles on the nearby coast road were starting to use their lights. "Can we go home now we've seen that?" At least we could say, in all honesty, that we'd had a breath of fresh air... 47 on an eastbound train, Sandycroft 37 401 "Mary Queen of Scots" westbound at Sandycroft 156 452 non-stop at Abergele HST 43 084 County of Derbyshire at Abergele EWS 37s 716 and 418 eastbound at Abergele 37 422 "Robert F Fairlie" approaches Abergele 156 452 returns - heading for Stockport Return working of the HST? 37 420 "The Scottish Hosteller" eastbound at Abergele