© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2012 The household authorities would be going shopping in York. I could think of a better place to spend a couple of hours on this cold November morning I don’t think I’ve been for more than 20 years. Last time I was here, the main exhibition hall (which I remember visiting, unofficially, when it was the 50A steam shed) was closed, undergoing major repairs to the roof. The only part open to the public was across the road, in the building which is now an integral part of the museum - including its main entrance. No problems crossing the busy road either - there’s a tunnel now. I expected to see the streamlined Duchess of Hamilton, and I wondered if I might see (one of?) the temporarily repatriated A4s. In the event, 46229 was in the workshop, behind 502 “Flying Scotsman” - not ideally placed for photography. But what was that, just visible through a nearby window, parked outside? Yes, the classic A4 front, and the letters “DWI...” just visible. I didn’t bother with a photograph, but I suppose I could underline the number 60008 in my early-60s “combined volume”. Perhaps not - I didn’t collect any numbers after 11 August 1968, and I don’t need a notebook to remind that I’ve seen it, at last. That just leaves 60010 (and one or two others that I can never see now) Link: National Railway Museum Shinkansen 28249 LNWR Oerlikon EMU, built 1915 1293 SR EMU built 1925 LMS shunter no. 7050, built 1934 "Black 5" 45305 "Livingstone Thompson" - Festiniog Rly Fairlie of 1885 6000 King George V FR 0-4-0 "Coppernob" and NER 0-6-0 1275 PET - the 18" gauge Crewe works loco of 1865 "Bauxite No 2" Black Hawthorn 305 of 1874 Beauty and the beast? C1 and 4498 LMS 3-cyl 2-6-4T no 2500 502 Flying Scotsman The streamlined Duchess Horwich works shunter - 18" gauge "WREN" of 1887 Queen Victoria's Saloon (LNWR of 1869) Queen Adelaide's Saloon (London & Birmingham Rly, 1842) Shiny red crab! 2-6-0 no. 13000 MR single no. 673 and LSWR 0-4-4T no. 245 LB&SCR no 214 "Gladstone" 50008 and ? GWR 4-4-0 no. 3717 City of Truro "Teddy" P2012 of 1941