© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 Back in the mid-80s, the Shropshire Railway society travelled far and wide on the UK's railways. This was helped immensely by a member who worked for BR, and seemed to be able to get group tickets at particularly low fares. The Norwich trip was perhaps the best example - over 500 miles, out and back via Euston and Liverpool Street. I have to say, I can't remember much about the trip. There was time for a photo or two at Liverpool Street, then on to Norwich where I suspect we would have had lunch, with a pint to wash it down... At that time, the Norwich factory of Boulton and Paul was rail connected, home to a 1958-built Baguley diesel no. 3509, which was duly snapped. The former GER main line had by this date been electrified as far as Ipswich; work continued in the Norwich area with some track layout work ("rationalisation", I expect...) and the replacement of the Trowse swing bridge, the original not being suitable for overhead wiring. A new bridge was being built alongside the old one - an opportunity for some more photos. Looking back, it's amazing just how much change there has been in less than 20 years. Post-electrification of the Norwich line, the 86s have been and gone. The Cravens (class 105) DMUs have long since departed the scene, as has the Baguley. And, sadly, so have the days of cheap rail days out. Liverpool Street 86 238 "European Community" at Liverpool Street Baguley 3509 of 1958, Boulton and Paul, Norwich Swing Bridge Junction Box, Norwich "47 577 Benjamin Gimbert GC" leaves Norwich... ...and heads south for Liverpool Street over the old swing bridge 47 580 "County of Essex" crosses the swing bridge 31-hauled newspaper train leaves Norwich Cravens cl 105 DMU at Norwich 47 634 "Henry Ford" at Norwich Cravens cl 105, Norwich station Front ends, Norwich