© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 In July 1984 we spent a few days based in York - here are some photographs from that trip. There are basically four elements to this page, which overlap somewhat... York - Scarborough and York - Leeds - Harrogate steam operation A couple of days on BR's "Northumbrian Ranger" ticket (fully described in "Northumbrian Ranger" on the "Trips 'n Tours" pages) General main-line activity around York A trip to the now-defunct Army Museum of Transport in Beverley We start on 10 July with a day out photographing the "Duchess" - 46229 - in action, firstly on the Scarborough line at Foston Gates, where a Peak passed a few minutes earlier on a Scarborough - York train. A brief trip to the main line followed - the precise location is indicated by the "Edinburgh 200 miles" sign... Lastly, a trip to Copmanthorpe for the evening run to Leeds. Peak on Scarborough - York, Foston Gates 46229 Foston Gates 47 on southbound freight, Shipton 37 on northbound freight, Shipton 46229 "Duchess of Hamilton" near Copmanthorpe The following two days saw my "Northumbrian Ranger" rover ticket trips. On the 11th of July, I took a long run up the main line, Peak-hauled to Newcastle, then on "The Aberdonian" HST to Berwick for lunch. On returning to Newcastle (southbound "Aberdonian") I took a ride down the coast line, via Sunderland, to Middlesbrough - DMU this time. Another DMU took me back through Darlington and out to Bishop Auckland, before returning again to Darlington and back to York down the main line - another "Peak"-hauled service. 45 147 (?) at York, 8.56 to Newcastle Arrival - Newcastle Central 45 147 - off to the depot HST departure, Newcastle Central Newcastle Central HST and 47, Newcastle Central Twilight of the 03s - 03 078 at Newcastle Central HST on the Royal Border Bridge, Berwick Berwick station 101 DMU, Middlesbrough Bishop Auckland - box and DMU Bishop Auckland - remains of a once-fine station The following day, I returned to Darlington, in the company of my then very small son - we had a pleasant run to Whitby, and he was always a good traveller on such trips, but it meant I had little scope for photography - just a couple of quick snaps at Whitby before returning to York. York - Whitby used to be a straightforward affair, of course, but these days it's a bit of a marathon... Whitby - DMU and signal box Whitby station and DMU On 14th July, we paid a visit to friends in Beverley - and the now-defunct Museum of Army Transport. The most notable exhibit was the amazing "Gazelle", built by Dodman's of Kings Lynn in 1893, and famous for its activities on Colonel Stephen's Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway. Also present were "Austerity" No 92 Waggoner (Hunslet 3792 of 1953). "Woolmer", a rather nice Avonside (1572 of 1910), diesel "Rorke's Drift" built by English Electric for the Drewry Car company as long ago as 1934, and Motor Rail 8855 of 1943. "Waggoner" "Gazelle" "Woolmer" "Rorke's Drift" MR 8855 of 1943 The Selby deviation line opened in 1983 - last time I had seen it in November '82 the track had still to be laid. I decided it had to be worth a visit... Also on the itinerary was a trip to Northallerton - while there, I paid a visit to the Stockton line - I had several photos taken on the main line through the station, but had none on the former Leeds Northern Railway's route to Yarm and Stockton. For several years it had been freight only, but at this time the daily "Tees Executive" HST ran along this route. 37 209 on a southbound freight near Colton Jcn HST on the deviation 31 on a short freight, near Colton Junction The "Tees Executive" joins the Leeds Northern, Northallerton Another little outing - a trip to the NRM at York (haven't been for ages - must go again...). Most of the exhibits are well- known and well-recorded - I homed in on some the less well-known exhibits. The ex- NSR battery electric No.2 was worth a shot, as was "Coppernob", while the ex-L&Y 2-4-2T no. 1008 looked rather fine. Also depicted below - a Wickham trolley, the Port Carlisle "Dandy" coach, and a bit of Shropshire ironwork - a piece of tube from Brunel's ill-fated atmospheric railway. Ex-NSR BEL No. 2 Ex-L&Y 2-4-2T No 1008 Coppernob Ex-NER 2-2-4T "Aerolite" Wickham 899 of 1933 Atmospheric railway tube - cast at Coalbrookdale Port Carlisle Dandy coach 777 "Sir Lamiel" near Howsham 47 on southbound passenger, Copmanthorpe Sir Lamiel, Copmanthorpe The page ends as it began - this time, ex-SR King Arthur no 777 "Sir Lamiel", see firstly near Howsham, then at that same spot near Copmanthorpe where we saw the Duchess. Typically, the great light on the 47 didn't quite last for the steamer... Link: National Railway Museum