© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 We last visited this little railway several years ago - visitor "Taffy" was running services up and down the line, then recently extended. Today's event - the September Gala - would see visitors again. Taffy once again would be trundling up and down, accompanied by new-build Hunslet "Statfold", and Barclay "Gertrude". The latter is a particularly noteworthy addition to the scene - before her recent restoration was completed, she had spent 50 years in limbo, so to speak. She had last steamed in 1959, with her better-known sister locomotive "The Doll". The three visitors were scheduled to run the passenger service - before and after, two of the line's residents, Arn. Jung "Justine" and Henschel Feldbahn no. 1091 would operate a freight train. Too early and too late for us on this occasion... The North Gloucestershire Railway is located at Toddington, HQ of the well-known (standard gauge) Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. The narrow gauge line has been constructed on the western extremities of the Toddington site - which presented some photographic challenges on this day of clear bright sunshine. The line runs north-south - the sun started out directly behind the smokeboxes, moving around to the inaccessible western side of the line. The pictures on this page needed some "tweaking". And that's about it - we had a couple of rides down the line, and spent a pleasant few minutes at the depot, where Justine, 1091 and an interesting selection of internal combustion locos were out on display - before departing for home. An enjoyable little trip - well worth a look for anyone visiting "big brother" across the other side of the car park... Links: Slim gauges in the South-West Midlands  our previous visit Toddington Narrow Gauge Railway Statfold arrives (HE3903 of 2005) Gertrude in steam! Taffy and lady friend "Justine" Arn. Jung 939 of 1906 1091 Henschel 15968 of 1918 Not in steam today - Chaka's Kraal HE2075 of 1940 A narrow gauge assortment Taffy in the trees Lister, Rustons, Motor Rail, Hibberd... "Statfold" at Didbrook loop "Gertrude" AB 1578 of 1918 Statfold poses at Toddington