© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2013 Last time we were here, we had a ride in (on?) a Wickham trolley. Two years earlier, we’d had a trip with the little Beyer Peacock steam locomotive. Today, celebrating 45 years since BR’s “15 Guinea Special” we would enjoy a run in a real passenger train... The Nantmawr branch was constructed by the ill-fated “Potts” - its top mile or so being the last remaining rails on that company’s network. When the Tanat Valley Light Railway opened at the beginning of the 20th century, it shared a short stretch of the former Potts branch, which was now in the hands of the Cambrian. Today’s train ride was provided by the new Tanat Valley Railway Company, though it may be a year or two before they are able to run their trains on the route once used by the original TVR. Our train ran over the same short stretch as our previous rides. A loop is being constructed a little higher up the branch, and overgrown metals continue into the jungle some way beyond, so a longer trip may soon be possible in that direction. To run to Llanddu yard, at the other end, will require a T and W Order. That may be costly, and I suspect our fares didn’t pay for the diesel fuel our train used (we were its only passengers). Check out the running dates on the “Events Calendar” on the website (below) - go and have a ride, and help the Tanat Valley Railway Co. get their trains back down to the Tanat Valley. Link: Nantmawr Visitor Centre Nantmawr DMU Old coach body More rolling stock in the loop Rails into the jungle Hunslet and Hibberd The 3pm departure