© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2012 Two main line steam specials through Shropshire today - great! There’s even a chance of some sunshine... The two Black 5s - 45407 and 44871 - had gone down to South Wales earlier in the week - today, the train would retrace its route to return northwards. In the meantime, 60163 “Tornado” would be hauling “The Cathedral Express” up and down the North-and-West. Better get out there with the camera... Firstly, Tornado northbound - just north of Onibury level crossing. The sun went in - but the air was too warm for visible steam... Not so a few hours later, for the Black 5s. They were due to cross Tornado’s return a little way to the south of Shrewsbury - might be best to stay in the south of the county. Having arrived off the Central Wales line, their departure from Craven Arms was most impressive - they really stormed away. No sunshine though... Now for Tornado - perhaps a little evening sun? Perhaps some visible steam too. I’d noted the hump in the track at the top of the short rise from Craven Arms, near Stokesay - worth a long lens shot? Yes - the sun shone. No visible steam though, and what’s that sound from behind us? Oh no! Near Onibury 60163 - going well The 5s getting away from Craven Arms The 5s getting away from Craven Arms Over the hump Oh no! Evening light on Tornado The 5s getting away from Craven Arms