© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 The few days either side of Easter saw a number of extra "relief" trains scheduled, and my friend suggested a photographic outing might be in order. "How about the Lickey Bank - there will probably be a few 50s around, and there might be a 'Peak' on some of the extras". He was right. Other than "Renown", the photos are presented in the order in which they were taken, and unusually I kept a record of what the locomotives were, and their probable workings - so this information is included for those who are interested (hover over the thumbnails for the details) The first few pictures are taken near Vigo. Later we moved to Pikes Pool Lane (I think we may have adjourned to the pub for lunch between the two), and finally we tried a few shots at the top of the bank, at Blackwell. Sadly, the pictures of 45 144 were spoiled by those brainless individuals who insist on leaning out of some diesel- hauled trains with their arms held in quasi-salute. I'm certain that it's the only way any of them will leave any lasting mark on the world, nevertheless I make no apologies for (digitally only, though I have been tempted) decapitating them and/or cutting their arms off. 31 185 on coal hoppers 45 134, 1203 York - Cardiff 45 144 "Royal Signals", 0835 Leeds - Bristol 45 144 "Royal Signals", 1458 Bristol - Leeds 47 199 on oil tanks 47 491 tops the bank, 1030 Penzance - Liverpool 47 497, 1120 Leeds  - Bristol 47 515 "Night Mail", 0907 Newport - York 50 029 "Renown" at Blackwell,  on 0730 Aberdeen - Penzance 50 030 "Repulse", 0715 Edinburgh - Bristol 50 036 "Victorious", 0725 Taunton - Edinburgh