Alan Keef’s Open Day 2010
Coffee Pots at Keef's
25 September 2010
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The annual open day at the works of Alan Keef Ltd "Light Railway Engineers & Locomotive Builders" is always a fun event - a huge amount of interest in a fairly small space. This year's was no exception, with three locomotives in steam on the passenger service, and plenty to see in the works and outside. The steam action was provided by, in order of age, "Chaloner", the 1877 De Winton, the widely travelled "Peter Pan" (Kerr Stuart 4256 of 1922), and resident "Taffy", built in 1994 to the same basic design as Chaloner - a vertical boilered, vertical cylindered locomotive - a "coffee pot"... The eagle-eyed will already have spotted another visitor - the Penrhyn quarrymen's coach, used in
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previous years, is now seeing active service at Apedale, so the coach (belonging to the "Hayfield and Whaley Bridge Light Railway") was also a visitor. Inside the works, progress had clearly been made with one of the little Krauss well-tanks (I'm not sure which one it was...) Outside, among other things, were a 10¼" gauge 0-4-2 "Marjon" (in for fitting a new boiler), a pair of bogies from the Manx Electric Railway (for the fitting of roller bearings) and an axle and the water butt from Stephenson's "Rocket"... (the replica, that is). Not forgetting the monorail locomotive. I ought to mention the hot pork rolls too... Yes, an excellent little outing. Links: Alan Keef Ltd
Peter Pan and Taffy Like a model... Krauss valve gear A Krauss kit of parts The Krauss undergoes an inspection Chaloner and Taffy Chaloner and Taffy "round the back" Chaloner and Taffy Chaloner charging along the straight Motor-Rail "Penelope" 8826 of 1943 Coffee pots and Peter Pan Rocket wheels and water butt Monorail Marjon Peter Pan on the passenger Manx Electric bogies The Welshpool Wasp (been swatted...)