Northumbrian 15” gauge
The Heatherslaw Light Railway
30 July 2006
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We're continuing our journey northwards - to England's most northerly tourist railway - the 15" gauge Heatherslaw Light Railway. About 9 miles south-west of Berwick, the line follows the meanders of the Till for almost 2 miles between Heatherslaw Mill and Etal village. We arrived just after a departure, and for a moment I wondered if we were to be rewarded by a trip behind the line's other locomotive, the somewhat home-made looking diesel "Clive". Fortunately no - so it was tea and cakes in the mill, to while
away the time before the next departure. The steam locomotive, "The Lady Augusta" is a little 0-4-2 built by Brian Taylor (better known for the Kirklees Light Railway) in 1989. It seemed a tad underpowered for our 8-coach train (or perhaps we were just taking it easy through the very pleasant countryside). Conclusion? Most enjoyable - well worth a detour if you're in that part of the country. Link: Heatherslaw Light Railway
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"Clive" at Heatherslaw station The Lady Augusta arrives at Heatherslaw Outward journey - passing loop Turning the loco at Etal Ready to depart from Etal Return journey beside the river Till