© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 Another return visit... The Evesham Vale Light Railway is a relative newcomer to the 15" gauge scene, opening around 8 years ago in Evesham Country Park. The line is a little over a mile in length, operating from a terminus station to an extended balloon loop, within which a small station "Evesham Vale" and passing loop are located. Normally, trains run out, around the balloon to the station, then back after a brief pause. Today, with four engines in action, trains would proceed as above to the passing loop, where another locomotive would back on to haul them back around the loop - providing a somewhat longer run, and one or two different photo opportunities. I mentioned four locomotives - there should have been five, but I didn't see "St Egwyn" - whether he was indisposed, I have no idea. Of more interest today would be two much older locomotives, both approaching 90 years of age. Bassett Lowke Atlantic "Count Louis" was a stalwart on the 15" gauge Fairbourne Railway, and the similar Barnes Atlantic "John" hails from the Rhyl Miniature Railway. Both have undergone overhaul, and both seemed in fine fettle. Also in action was "Dougal", a mere youngster built by Severn-Lamb some 40 years ago for the Longleat line, and diesel "Cromwell", apparently making a "special appearance". Little more needs to be said. On with the photos... Link: Evesham Vale Light Railway Count Louis on the turntable Dougal and the diesel Cromwell on the loop Dougal on the return trip Count Louis on the loop Count Louis at Evesham Vale Count Louis - reversed and ready at Evesham Val John on the loop John at Evesham Vale Count Louis - steamy departure from Evesham Vale Count Louis on the return working John on the turntable