IRS AGM event at Apedale
Edward Sholto
24 April 2010
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This is the third time we've been to Apedale in under two years, so little needs to be said about the venue for the 2010 AGM of the Industrial Railway Society. Traditionally, it's held somewhere "interesting" with fun and games before the meeting. This year the AGM took place in "Aurora North" - the newly-build locomotive shed housing many of the Moseley Railway Trust's fine and varied collection of narrow gauge industrial locomotives. Yes, in the shed - to the accompaniment of much chuffing, tooting and honking just a few yards away. Whilst the collection of diesel (and petrol, and battery) locomotives is well worth a visit (particularly when so many of
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them are, despite appearances, in working order), the star attraction was recently-restored Hunslet quarry locomotive "Edward Sholto" (996 of 1909). Edward spent his working life at Penrhyn in North Wales, was laid up in 1956 and five years later was exported to Canada. Repatriated by "Railway Transport and Industrial History" book dealer Andrew Neale, Edward has been fully restored and was formally launched back into active service at the March Statfold Barn open day. Little more needs to be said - the photos are more-or-less in order of action. Links: Moseley Railway Trust Industrial Railway Society
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's MR 1320 of 1918 What we expect a Motor-Rail to look like - 2197 of 1923 Out on the main line ...or perhaps with a cab? MR 7710 of 1939 "Chaumont" Hudson LX1002 of 1968 Sholto on the freight (Apedale Road terminus in the background) Another run with the freight Shed view Hudson Hunslet 6007 of 1963 on the v-skips Passing the shed - the loco on the wagon is "Crystal" WR K7070 of 1970 Imposter! Hibberd MR look-alike 2306 of 1940 Battery power - WR C6716 of 1963 Steaming away from Apedale terminus "Lord Austin" - petrol-engined MR6035 of 1937 Edward Sholto And another MR - 5821 of 1934 Lilleshall Abbey Woodland Railway's Baguley 1695 of 1928 Baguley and MR Baguley looks on - Lister-powered peat train arrives (LB 52610 of 1961)