and Wakefield too
Derby to Donny
22 March 2003  
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An avid reader of one of the national dailies (which will remain nameless to save embarrassment...), Steve had gathered vouchers for a low-cost day out courtesy of Virgin. "Where shall we go?". In the event (we may have left it a bit late), the choice was essentially Doncaster or nowhere else much. Hence the trip! The ticket was from New Street - the original plan was that Steve and Dave would travel from Shrewsbury, and I would join them at Telford. Minutes before I left the house came the call - "the 7.55 isn't running". To cut a long story short (based around engineering works between Wolverhampton and Birmingham, and a resultant much reduced service), we ended up driving to Derby (yes, really!) to meet our train. There were engineering works at the north end of Derby station - so our Voyager left Derby heading south, then east, to Trent Junction and then on up the Erewash valley to rejoin the normal route at Clay Cross Junction. Finally detraining at Doncaster, we discovered that yet more engineering works were ongoing north
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of Darlington - the east coast main line service being somewhat unusual as a result. We stayed around Doncaster for a little while, before purchasing day returns to Wakefield, where there would be the opportunity for one or two different shots, perhaps a ride on a Eurostar, and lunch... The first and last were achieved (after a few worrying moments in the case of lunch) but not the Eurostar. There were one or two sets around, but they insisted on being in the wrong place for photography Wakefield's two stations are Westgate, on the former Great Northern line to Leeds, and Kirkgate, on the former L&Y line. Kirkgate has seen better days - but the ancient ironwork of the rusting canopies makes for an interesting picture or two (I suspect it will be short platforms and a bus shelter before long). We didn't stay long - hunger and the apparent lack of appropriate facilities nearby meant an early return to Westgate. Having lunched successfully, we returned to Doncaster for the last hour or so before our return journey - which proved to be the only leg where our tickets were checked...
66 220 on engineer's train, Derby 66 220 and Cl 170, Derby 66 178 with southbound coal, Doncaster 47 727 "Caerphilly Castle" outside "the plant" EWS 90 030 "Crewe Locomotive Works" leaves Doncaster for Leeds... ...and returns from Leeds, Wakefield Westgate Wakefield Kirkgate 142 088 at Wakefield Kirkgate Cl 221 Voyager leaves Wakefield Westgate Cl 221 Voyager at Doncaster Southbound passenger, Doncaster Northbound Eurostar, Doncaster Cl 90 "City of Leeds" arrives at Doncaster "City of Leeds" propels a southbound train, Doncaster 158 773 leaves Doncaster with a Sheffield-bound working