2’ 3” gauge revival
New Tattoo on the Corris
11 September 2005
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The story of the Corris Railway's last two steam locomotives is well known - disused since the line's closure, effective after the bridge washout in August 1948, they were bought by the newly re-opened Talyllyn Railway in 1951 and have since put in many years of service as that railway's "Sir Haydn" and "Edward Thomas". In the meantime, the Corris passed into history - until the formation of the preservation group in 1966. A long hard slog eventually saw diesel-hauled passenger services reintroduced three years ago, on the stretch of line from Corris to Maespoeth. Some years before the reopening, the group decided it needed a steam locomotive, and began the project to build from scratch a replica of the original no. 4, built by Kerr Stuart in 1921 to their "Tattoo" design. It was originally anticipated that it would take ten years - and perhaps uniquely for such a project, that's what it took! It should be mentioned that the two coaches in use (a third is under construction) are replicas of the unique central-entry design, so the whole
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train is now truly a Corris replica. No. 7 was delivered in May, but introduction to passenger service would await commissioning, driver training etc. I kept an eye on the Corris website - until eventually it was announced that the loco had entered service - on 20th August, 57th anniversary of the last goods train. I thought perhaps we'd better pay a visit. There is no run-round facility at Corris - instead, the loco remains coupled at the downhill end of the two-coach train, hauling down to Maespoeth and propelling back.  The journey is short - however, an informative talk and visit to the shed / depot makes the trip worthwhile, and the shop and museum at Corris are well worth a visit. The train we travelled on - the 2pm departure - was very lightly filled however, though there were a few more passengers on the 3pm. Many more passengers are needed to help raise funds for the planned extension - next time you're in that part of the world, make a point of paying a visit to this friendly little line. Link: The Corris Railway
Admiration Travelling in style Posing at Maespoeth A moment's reflection at Maespoeth Diesel motive power at Maespoeth No 7 at Corris station Ready to depart The 3pm heads away from Corris... ...down the line to Maespoeth