Stewarts and Lloyds built their steelworks at Corby to tap the locally abundant, if somewhat low grade iron ore. A network of lines radiated out several miles into the surrounding countryside, to bring the ore from the quarries to the works - and a substantial fleet of steam locomotives was utilised. The inevitable dieselisation brought an end to steam working - the ex-BR Paxman diesel- hydraulics providing the main source of motive power for the iron ore trains. Steam lingered at the works itself into  the 1970s - until, in June 1973, it was finally dispensed with. The Industrial Railway Society organised a "Farewell to Steam" special, using the last active steelworks locomotive to haul a trainload of enthusiasts out to the quarries at Wakerley and back again. No 21 was built by Hawthorn Leslie in 1938, works number 3931, and stood in steam near the ironstone lines depot where, it being a Saturday, most of the ironstone fleet were at rest. The "passenger train" was a rake of wooden-sided open trucks, with a few bales of straw to provide seating! Accompanying the train was one of the ex-BR Paxmans, no. 28 (formerly D9547), I think primarily for braking purposes. We had a good run on this warm, sunny afternoon - although the sunshine and country air started a certain amount of sneezing amongst the hay- fever sufferers... At Wakerley, no. 21 took water whilst the passengers took photos, then, after running round, we returned to Corby, having celebrated the end of steam in fine style. The last two photos, taken on our way home, illustrate the earlier days in the ore fields - Manning Wardle 1675 of 1906 was Kettering Furnaces No 8 - and was "preserved" in Manor House Gardens in Kettering. A more recently-retired locomotive stood at a haulage contractor's yard in Kettering, in the shape of metre-gauge Peckett No 87 (P1871 of 1934). The latter is reunited with nos. 85 and 87 at the Irchester Narrow Gauge Railway Museum; Kettering Furnaces No. 8 is undergoing restoration with the Market Harborough Traction Engine Club (I hope it stills runs on rails when they're finished...). Corby's no. 21 is at the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston - diesel no. 28 was scrapped many years ago, after the closure of the ironstone lines in 1980 or thereabouts. Links: Industrial Railway Society Ribble Steam Railway Ironstone lines depot No. 21 - ready to depart Out on the line Taking water Paxman no. 28 (D9547) No 21 runs round at Wakerley Kettering Furnaces No 8 - Manning Wardle 1675 of 1906 Metre-gauge Peckett No 87 (1871 of 1934) © Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011