Rail interest to the east of Birmingham
Cadley Hill to Corby
This was a day out exploring railway interest to the east of Birmingham. We started at Cadley Hill colliery, a wonderful place where one could just turn up and sign the indemnity book in order to view steam in action. Sadly, on this day the "Austerity" saddle tank "Cadley Hill No 1" had failed, and its duties were being administered by one of the resident diesels, Sentinel 0-6-0DH no 10055 of 1961. This locomotive was in fact older than two of the resident steamers - Cadley Hill No 1 was built in 1962, and no 65 (the yellow one, behind red "Swiftsure" - HE 2857 of 1943) was one of the last standard gauge locomotives built in the UK, being HE 3889 of 1964. The pit manager here was a bit of steam enthusiast - steam lasted here long after it had gone elsewhere. We moved on to Castle Donnington power station, to have a look at their steam locomotives. Resident here were a couple of Barclay 0-4-0 diesels, built in 1957, and a pair of RSHN 0-4-0 saddle tanks, built in 1954. Nothing was happening at all here, so we took a couple of photos and moved on. No 2, in the picture, is RSHN 7818. The steamers here were, in effect, preserved in full working order, and No 1 (RSHN 7817) lives at the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley. We headed eastwards now, to take in some of the current BR scene at Langham Junction, near Oakham on the Leicester - Peterborough line. Here we were rewarded with some interesting action - firstly the class 47 on a freight, followed by "Peak" 44007 (unfortunately running light), and lastly 56 062 on a freight. I think this was the first class 56 I'd seen - certainly it's my oldest photo of one.
Geoff’s Rail Diaries
Not far from Langham Junction is Cottesmore, home to the Rutland Railway Museum. Originally established by the Market Overton Industrial Railway Association, this project is based around the preservation of ex-industrial locomotives (this page is getting a distinctly industrial flavour....). Once again, there was nothing working, but we were invited to take a look around. The locomotives illustrated are a "Planet" diesel (F Hibberd 3887 of 1958) and "Coal Products No 6", Hunslet 2868 of 1943, rebuilt (3883) in 1963. There are around 40 locomotives here currently. A little further south now, to Wansford for a peep at the Nene Valley Railway. Working the service today was 73050 "City of Peterborough", while the variety of locomotives on site gave us scope for some more photography. The locomotives depicted are "Frank", a curious "Planet" (Hibberd 2894 of 1944) and the rather pretty no 656, a Danish 0-6-0 tank built by Frichs in 1949. Time to begin our homeward journey now, via Corby, where the ironstone railways had recently ceased to operate. We took at look at the former depot at Gretton Brook, where we were greeted by the sight of lines of disused locomotives. Virtually all of these were ex-BR Paxmans, originally numbered in the D95xx series. A stranger in their midst was the rather fine Yorkshire Engine Co 0-8-0 diesel hydraulic, no 2894 of 1962. No 59, seen beside it, was formerly D9552, and on the other side is 65, formerly D9503. All were scrapped within a couple of years. Links: Rutland Railway Museum is now Rocks by Rail Nene Valley Railway More Cadley Hill photos on "Specials"
21 August 1980
47 on freight, Langham Junction 56 on freight, Langham Junction 44 007 "Ingleborough" at Langham Junction 75030 "City of Peterborough" Castle Donnington No 2 RSHN 7818/54 OOU locos at Gretton Brook, Corby 59 and YE 2894 of 1962 Coal Products No 6 "Frank" FH2896 of 1944 Danish 0-6-0T No. 656 Hibberd 3887 of 1958 S10055/61 at NCB Cadley Hill "Swiftsure" HE2857/43 and No 65 HE3889/64 at NCB Cadley Hill