© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2012 Spring is here, more or less - seems a long time since that windy day in south-west Shropshire, back in November. Yes, there have been some interesting events elsewhere, but weather, miles and other commitments got in the way... The weather could have been better for this event - it could have been worse too. Should I go on the Saturday or the Sunday? The forecasts weren’t terribly helpful - some rain and some sunshine both days. In the event, I got some sunshine (early on), and the rain held off until I was more or less ready for home. There were five steam locomotives in action - some old friends, and a newcomer. “Old friends” included the diminutive Barclay “Colin McAndrew”, Bagnalls “Linda” and “No. 2” (from Foxfield), and hefty RSH “Nechells No. 4”. The newcomer was a long-lost Hunslet “Holly Bank No.3” from the local pit of the same name (in reality, Darfield No.1 from Llangollen). All, of course, in beautifully restored condition with sparkling (perhaps not entirely authentic in that respect) paintwork. Starting at Brownhills West, I walked my way round to Chasewater Heaths, then rode back in the brakevan of Colin MacAndrew’s short freight. I would then continue to record the passing scene around Brownhills West - until the increasingly dark clouds started to leak... Time for home, after another great day on this frendly little line. The locos: AB 1223 of 1911, WB 2648 of 1941, WB 2842 of 1946, RSHN 7684 of 1951, HE 3783 of 1953 Links: The Chasewater Railway Chasewater Stuff’s Railway and Canal Blog The blog is huge and comprehensive - a tremendous resource for anyone interested in local railways, especially industrial lines First train out A fine pair of Bagnalls 16" Silhouette Colin sets out on his travels Colin pauses to get his breath back (brake problems...) We're off again! The coal train - Holly Bank No. 3 Coal train - Holly Bank No.3 Linda returns with the short freight The big RSH on the passenger Linda amongst the trees An industrial scene at Chasewater Heaths Colin chuffs at Chasewater Heaths The Hunslet arrives with the passenger A busy scene at Chasewater Heaths The ticket collector Riding the freight Crossing the causeway Two Bagnalls and a Baguley (and a hiding Hunslet) A colourful departure from Brownhills West Little and Large - the Baguley and D3429 The Baguley shunts (3027 of 1939) Colin sets out again Return of the RSH Linda departs with the coal train Not forgetting the narrow gauge... The RSH storms away with the passenger No 2 on the short freight The Hunslet arrives with the coal train Portrait of a Hunslet - Holly Bank No. 3