Trevithick 200, Bridgnorth
Catch me who can
20 July 2008
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Trevithick's original "Catch me who can" was built 200 years ago - at the Hazeldine foundry in Bridgnorth. Now a replica is nearing completion, marking the 200th anniversary. It wasn't quite complete for the "Trevithick 200" rally at Severn Park in Bridgnorth - but it did make a public appearence, along with the replica of Trevithick's pioneering 1802 Coalbrookdale locomotive. Trevithick didn't just build railway locomotives - he started with road vehicles. Replicas of two of these were present and in action - the Camborne locomotive of 1801 "Puffing Devil" (we didn't see it move) and the London Steam Carriage of 1803, an amazing machine with 8' diameter wheels and the "coach" high above the machinery. Hancock's (replica) "Enterprise" steam coach of 1832 provided further entertainment, and another (I've been unable to identify it more precisely) 3- wheeled steam-powered machine came trundling in from a run along the main road, much to the consternation of motorists.
Road-going steam vehicles eventually developed along somewhat different lines to those foreseen by Trevithick et al. - into the traction engines and steam rollers that added to the attraction of this event. Not forgetting, of course, that Sentinel of Shrewsbury didn't just make railway locomotives...
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Catch me who can - MkII No gauge glasses in 1808 The Coalbrookdale replica Pause for thought Fowler "Tommy" and the Sentinel The Sentinel A fine line of chimneys Marshall "Jane" Puffing Devil replica 1802 Trevithick Steam Carriage ...must be preceded by the man with the red flags Vertigo? (No, just round the corner) Marshall "Jane" Fowler "Morning Star" Invicta "Dougal" (love those eyes...) Wallis and Steevens "Simplicity" steam roller "Emily" Marshall traction engine The Sentinel steam wagon "Maple Leaf Maid" Foster "Admiral Beatty" Fowler crane engine Steam on the main road Co-pilot The "Enterprise" steam coach Water supply Catch me who can - at full speed. Shame it's only 6" tall
Video: The replica of the 1802 Coalbrookdale locomotive in action at Ironbridge power station, May 1997