© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 I had some excellent trips in the spring - but high summer was not very productive photographically. This trip started in the rain, but improved later on... It was dull when we left home, heading for the East Midlands to see what was going on. By the time we had cleared Birmingham, the rain had set in. "Let's spend an hour or so at Tamworth - we can get some shelter if it gets heavy" suggested Steve. The traffic on the west coast main line was heavier than the rain - below is a representative sample (minus the sprinters...) We then headed further east - "There could be some interesting movements on the Midland main line north of Leicester, and maybe something doing on the Great Central".  Well, there were plenty of interesting movements - but only if sprinters and HSTs come into the category of "interesting".... So, sandwiches eaten, we went to have a look at the GCR. And guess what - all the locos had their faces on. (sorry, no photos!) At least the rain had ceased, and it was turning very warm, but still no sun. "I've been here before", I thought, as we stood waiting for something interesting. (A quick trawl of the archives confirmed it- and located some photos taken in more interesting times - 11 March 1978, to be precise)  We decided to head north, and see what was going on at the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley. Here, "Jinty" 47383 was operating on the main line, and on the 2' gauge line, Motor Rail 60s364 of 1968 was in action - a golden yellow locomotive on the Golden Valley Railway. We had to have a ride, of course. We had visited the Swanwick Junction site some years previously, when the narrow gauge line remained within the confines of the depot. Since then it has been extended, partly along the route of the Butterley Company's tramway to Codnor Park forge, to the Newlands Inn. The total run of just under a mile seems about right for the ride in former colliery manriders. And so we called it a day - just time for a last snap of the "Jinty" leaving Butterley station, and a quick look in the bookshop, before heading for home, after a day which had improved considerably as it went by. Links: Midland Railway Centre Golden Valley Light Railway 47357 pulls away from Butterley station 50 007 "Sir Edward Elgar" - are you sure you're in the right spot? 57010 on southbound freightliner, Tamworth 60089 on northbound freight, Tamworth Spotless 86 258 heads a northbound passenger, Tamworth 170 110 on a northbound service near Cossington Hudswell Clarke D1121 of 1958 Southbound HST near Cossington M79900 - original Derby Lightweight "bubble car" The MR returns from the Golden Valley The MR sets off down the Golden Valley line "Campbell's Brick Works" - MR 60s364 of 1968 The MR on the headshunt at the Newlands Inn Ready to return from the Newlands Inn A "Peak" hurries southwards near Cossington, 11 March 1978 Another member of the class heads northwards, Cossington, 11 March 1978 A "Peak" and a pair of 20s